Juvet Landscape Hotel, Valldal, Norway

This wedding is my return to Norway. I first visited this country as a student, during a cycling trip from Cracow to Nordkapp, the northernmost point of Europe. I felt in love with Norway at first sight. Extremely captivating and varied landscape, dignified, noble nature, juicy green – all this gives the impression of some unreality. Few views in the world can be compared to the fjord, cutting deeply into the inland over which the high mountains of over a thousand meters fall. Their raw beauty moves me deeply.

During this expedition I drove through Alesund, but I did not even dream that I would ever take wedding photos here. The Juvet Landscape Hotel is a manifestation of Norwegian architecture – the buildings blend into nature, emphasize it and serve for its contemplation. The deep respect and love of Norwegians to nature can be seen here at every point.

As a wedding photographer I found in this place and with all these people all what I am looking for – unique surroundings, indescribable atmosphere, incredible family ties (grandma was knitting a sweater for the bride, uncle made several types of beer, friends wrote songs specially for this occasion …). Marte and Hallward occupy a unique place in my heart. Their love, emotions, delicacy… The day before the wedding were still skiing. Marte stated that “what would make sense to organize a wedding in such a place, and not to take adventage of it?”