Hotel Stary, Cracow

2 February 2017

Beautiful wedding on the roof of the Hotel Stary in Krakow. Hotel Stary is the winner of the prestigious parisian Prix Villégiature competition, winner of the title of “the most beautiful hotel in Europe”. But not only its interior does impress – but also elegant in its simplicity facade and restaurant on the roof with breathtaking views of the Main Market Square in Krakow make an amazing impression. Dorota and Nicklas, permanently residing in Denmark, have chosen this wonderful place for their wedding. The place suited them perfectly – beauty and elegance without ostentation best summarize the style of their celebrations. It fitted the way the Danes are – hygge! The unhasty joy of the moment, the atmosphere of play and relaxation. Furthermore the great emotions and great love – as a wedding photographer I was delighted with all that I saw at the wedding of Dorota and Nicklas.