Hotel Stary, Cracow

5 February 2017

Hotel Stary is one of my favorite places in Krakow. I love this unique combination of history and contemporary design in its stylish interiors. Nicola and Daniel have chosen this location for their ceremony. The couple prepared themselves very carefully for this unique day, taking care of every, even the smallest, detail. The wedding photographer has a full range of possibilities to show off his talents in such circumstances. Preparations for the wedding were spent in a relaxed atmosphere, among the laughter of the bridesmaids, between the pastel balloons, which beautifully merged with the elegant apartment. The bride and her bridesmaids walked through the Main Square to the church of St. Barbara. I have a special sentiment for this place, because in this church, some time ago, my wedding was also held. After a joyful and moving wedding ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests returned to the hotel. The Aperitif on the roof of the Hotel Stary, with the best view of the Cracow’s Market Square, is always a good beginning of the party. The exquisite kitchen of chef Krzysztof Żurek as usual provided an unforgettable culinary impressions. The wedding party at the Hotel Stary is a guarantee of elegance, class, and fun! In the case of Nicola and Daniel the party lasted until dawn. Feel free to view photos!